Updated: 1 april 2018

Flipamies is a friendly league that took birth in 1995. Throughout the years, players have come, some have gone and others have stayed. I have always tried to keep everyone happy but, unfortunately, it is impossible to do...you just cannot please everyone! Nevertheless, Flipamies still exists so I must be doing something right! The venture begun on Flipside a long time ago, then when flipside decided to end their multiplayer games because of costs, I moved the league to Sierra which eventually closed their multiplayer games because of the arrival of Beta and the fact that everyone was pirating "facemaker" (their major source of revenu); it just would have been too costly to reprogam all the games. So, now we are on silvercrk's hardwood hearts and I do not plan to end it anytime soon.

First, let me explain the games we play...
6PM....Regular heart's duel: each game consist of two players, face to face, with bots on the sides. Playing picked options are; spothearts (face value of the cards), jack of diamonds (-40 points), queen of spades (50 points), moon (150 points), sun or eclipse (300 points). The game ends when one of the players (including bots) reaches 500 points. The lowest of the two human players wins the game once it ends.
7PM....Reverse hearts (highman wins) : Here's how the cookie crumbles Same options as the 6PM tourney: spothearts (face value of the cards), jack of diamond activated (-40 points), queen of spades (50 points), moon (150 points), sun or eclipse (300 points). EVERYONE plays 2 rounds of play (tables could consist of four players or three depending on the total number of participants; you must sit in the sequence that you are placed) : The four highest individual scores among the winners go to the final.
Now, should the winners not be enough to fill the table of the final, a redemption will be given to the highest single score among the others but let it be clear, a redemption will need to win 2 games to win the tourney because a previous win will not have been achieved.

OH, one more thing.....this is a reverse hearts tourney which means that the highest score wins so DO NOT MOON OR SUN cause if you do, either all the other players of the table will see their scores shoot up or you will see your score drop way down! You also need to avoid taking the jack of diamonds because it will lower your score by 40 points.

GOT IT? Hope so lol!

To show my appreciation to those who spend some of their precious time with me, I offer rewards**; At the end of every month :
the player who finishes the month first in the standings receives
-- a 50$ cad amazon gift card
-- 5000 TK tokens
-- twice the amount of TK tokens won in TK tourneys and in logins during the following month
-- gold glory star pasted to his nick throughout the following month

Also, at the end of every month, a special tourney (TOC) takes place the first friday at 6 pm following the last game of the month; this tourney is played in the following mode: single elimination, spot500, jod. This tourney is open only to the 8 first players of the final standings (excluding the no1 player) The winner of this tourney receives a 25$ cad AMAZON gift card. Should less than 8 players participate in this tourney, one or more byes will be issued; the first bye will go the the second highest player in the standings, the second bye to the third player in the standings and so on.
Finally, the is an END OF YEAR (EOY) tourney that takes place the second friday of the new year at 7:00 pm. This tourney is played in the following mode: DUAL 1vs1, spot500pts, jod, double eliminition. What is double elimination? ...Every player needs to lose 2 games to be eliminated. Whoever is left after that, in other words, the only player who will not have lost 2 games, will win the tourney and the prize.
The prize is an amazon gift card of an undetermined amount; At the beginning of the year, the prize starts off with a base of 100$ cad. Thoughout the year, should larryboy win MONTHS and TOCS, those prizes will be added on to the EOY one. So, basically, the prize could be anywhere between 100 and 1000$cad.

Everything above could be subject to change without notice.
**Flipamies reserves the right to void the participation and rights acquired of any player for whatever reason that Flipamies judges proper or not. Cheating, repeated misbehaviors, insults, name calling are all things that I will not endure!
Best of luck to you all !